Urban Fantasy, 1st Person. "Shadow Play: Black Magic Outlaw, Book 2", by Domino Finn

Urban Fantasy/Thriller, 1st Person: "I'm Cisco Suarez, and a week ago I was dead.Cursed into serving a clandestine shadow group, I have a lot of blood on my hands. Good thing I also have a juvenile problem with authority. I'm not taking orders anymore, and the first thing on my bucket list is bringing them down. If I'm good at anything, it's looking in dark places. But I've got shadows of my own. Horrific deeds coming back to haunt me, and not the metaphorical kind of haunting, either. I'm talking ghosts, mages, and that thing with the glowing red eyes. Just goes to show you, it really is true what they say: What goes around comes around. I only hope to give more than I get." More info and reviews here.