Urban Fantasy, 1st Person "Heart Strings: Black Magic Outlaw Book 3", by Domino Finn

Urban Fantasy/Thriller, 1st Person. Produced by Blood & Treasure "Black magic gets a bad rap. Trust me. When people see me, they don't see Cisco Suarez, they see a rogue. A shadow charmer. A black magic outlaw. Maybe they're right. Maybe everything I touch withers and dies. But that doesn't give the SWAT team a right to come in with guns blazing.I tell you. A little collateral damage to city hall and all of a sudden you're Public Enemy Number One. But I'm doing some policing myself. Got my own Cisco's Most Wanted. Pop quiz: Who's more dangerous? A conspiratorial mage, a volcanic elemental, or a dirty Miami politician?
The answer might surprise you because I never saw it coming." More info and reviews here.