Splitting Quills, "A Little More Than Kneejerk, A Little Less Than Kind" 24:07

Small comment/disclaimer: This video was made in the relative heat-of-a-moment, where the sun was still shining, and it seemed wholly possible to construct a refutation of Anti-Stratfordianism via a dissection of Mr. Emmerich's promo. While I had a good time doing it, and I still feel the refutation stands in most cases, it has since become clear to me that "10 Reasons...", when held up to the extensive scholarship of legitimate Oxfordians, is nothing by comparison. So, a refutation of this sort holds little to no purpose (i.e., "nothing will come of nothing). This realization, which came maaaaybe 30 seconds after completing this video, led me, however, to the next iteration of Splitting Quills, lv1.0, which you might watch first, to put this in context. In any case, I look forward to Mr. Emmerich's refutation of my refutation.