"The Shunned House", by H.P. Lovecraft

Fiction, Third Person. The Art of Zen Meditation was produced by Listen2Abook. Description: For many years, the protagonist and his uncle, Dr. Elihu Whipple, have nurtured a dark fascination with an old, abandoned house on Benefit Street, in Providence, Rhode Island. Dr. Whipple has made extensive records tracking the mysterious, yet apparently coincidental sickness, madness and death of many who have lived in the house, for over 150 years. This short story marks the beginning of a cycle of Lovecraft for Alcazar, currently in production, bringing a fresh, vital, yet steeped in the history of Lovecrafts' brand of horror, to new readers and listeners. Check out this great review from AudioFile Magazine! "Narrator Neil Hellegers's understated delivery is ideal for the relatively simple story of a house and the slow growing terror surrounding it. Hellegers aptly depicts the elderly, mild-mannered Dr. Elihu Whipple, an expert on the house's history, and the first-person storyteller, a young man who is intrigued by a house in which many people have died mysteriously."