Sci Fi/Fantasy, 3rd Person "The Viral Superhero Series: Books 1-3", by Bryan Cohen and Casey Lane

Sci Fi/Fantasy, 3rd Person. Prod by Bryan Cohen & Casey Lane. "The world’s first superhero sensation may not live long enough to become a celebrity....Ted Finley is your average suburban nerd, but when a group of thugs threaten to kill innocent people, something incredible happens. Gifted superhuman abilities during a seemingly random brunch, Ted quickly transforms from a nobody into a viral video sensation. Forced to navigate school and life with his newfound powers and fame proves to be difficult, but Ted’s biggest challenge lies ahead. He’s not the only one with powers. And until he can determine his allies and his enemies, Ted may be the only thing keeping the world safe from annihilation. The Viral Superhero Series Box Set includes three action-packed superhero novels. If you like fast-paced thrillers, witty heroes, and evil villains, then you’ll love this high-octane series from USA Today best-selling authors Bryan Cohen & Casey Lane!" More info and reviews here.

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