"Powder Trade," Black Magic Outlaw Book 4, by Domino Finn

Urban Fantasy/Thriller. 1st Person. Produced by Blood & Treasure "Cisco Suarez versus an entire Caribbean drug cartel. Round one. Fight. Okay, not exactly the most even championship match, but it's the one I drew. If you told me months ago I'd be robbing drug dealers, I would've committed you myself. Who needs that kind of trouble, right? The good news is I'm only after one man: Connor Hatch. The bad news is he's the new Pablo Escobar, a primal being, and all but untouchable.It gets worse. He's rounding up the Russian mob for something big, and I'm not the only spellslinger in the picture. They say follow the money or follow the drugs. Maybe I should keep an eye on who's following me. Some problems call for a delicate hand. I don't have those kinds of problems."More info and reviews here.