Fantasy, 1st Person "Way of the Immortals: Path of the Devine" by Harmon Cooper

Fantasy, Wuxia/Cultivation, 1st Person, prod. by Boycott Books "Thrust by a mysterious portal into an unknown world, Nick Barnette does what anyone would do in his situation: he runs. Now separated from his friends, and being pursued by powerful forces he doesn’t understand, Nick must navigate the Kingdom of Lhasa and figure out how to get home. Through his trials and tribulations, Nick notices that he has developed a strange power that allows him to slow down time, vastly improving his combat ability. But he doesn’t have any control over the power. And as far as he knows, the only way to cultivate this new power and find his friends is by studying the Way of the Immortals, an ancient tradition practiced by monks and hermits high in the mountains of Lhasa. It won’t be an easy task, but if anyone is up to the challenge, it’s Nick, who might be the most unconventional hero the Kingdom of Lhasa has ever seen. Way of the Immortals: Path of the Divine is a western cultivation series weaving Tibetan and Bhutanese lore into a fast-paced novel that xianxia, wuxia and progression fantasy fans will love." More info and reviews here.