"Death March", Black Magic Outlaw, Book 5, by Domino Finn

Urban Fantasy/Thriller, 1st Person, Prod. by Blood & Treasure. "When you live in a city notorious for going too far, trouble's what you make of it. Believe me, I've seen my share. Now I'm taking my ill-gotten gains and laying down roots. Imagine that. Cisco Suarez living the Miami high life. In a perfect world, all I'd worry about were mounting HOA violations and a girlfriend playing hard to get. Not my world. One innocent investigation turns into a meet and greet with human-trafficking vampires and, surprise, surprise, the cops frown on my brand of outlaw justice. The FBI's next, asking questions about a set of murders I didn't commit. Oh, and said serial killer might just want a word with yours truly. Yup, trouble's what you make of it alright, and I just can't help myself." More info and reviews here.